Account Codes: Detail

28601-Conference Registration Fees


Expenditures for conference, convention and other meeting registration fees for attendance. This code may be used for the total registration fee, including any meals, lodging or incidental expenses that are part of the fee. Meals and lodging expenses incurred during travel when not included in the conference fee should be recorded in the appropriate travel account code 39xxx. For training-related registration fees or tuition, see accounts 290xx - (See revenue accounts 064xx for recording conference income when hosting conferences.) Accounts 28602-28606 are to be used to record expenditures related to hosting conferences/workshops. Do not use these accounts for expenditures for attending a conference/workshop, etc. (See section 13.01C[3], Conference/Workshop Expenses - Executive Office Approval Unnecessary.)

Account Type Code: 71
Data Entry Status: Y (Yes)
Tax Reportable Status: Not Tax Reportable