Account Codessort descending
(06072) Billiards


(06073) Table Tennis

Table Tennis

(06074) Amusement Machines

Amusement Machines

(06080) Pay Telephone Income

Pay Telephone Income

(06081) Fax Income

Fax Usage Income

(06082) Postage Income

Postage Sales

(06090) Ceramics Goods/Supplies

Ceramics Goods/Supplies

(06091) Jewelry Goods/Supplies

Jewelry Goods/Supplies

(06092) Woodworking Goods/Supplies

Woodworking Goods/Supplies

(06093) Photography Goods/Supplies

Photography Goods/Supplies

(06191) Refunds & Allowances-New Texts

Refunds and Allowances - New Textbooks

(06192) Refunds & Allowances-Used Texts

Refunds and Allowances - Used Textbooks

(06193) Refunds & Allowances-General Books

Refunds and Allowances - General Books

(06194) Refunds & Allowances-Tapes CDs

Refunds and Allowances - Tapes, CDs, and DVDs

(06195) Refunds & Allowances-Other Mdse

Refunds and Allowances - Other Merchandise

(06198) Rsch RCF Sales Svc - OR HECC Income
(06200) Fines
(06201) Fines


(06202) Parking Fines

Receipts from fines collected for parking violations.

(06203) Traffic Citations

Receipts from fines collected for traffic citations.

(06204) Bicycle Fines

Receipts from fines collected for bicycle violations.

(06205) Bad Check Charge

Receipts from assessment of a charge for returned checks.

(06206) Library Fines

Receipts from fines for overdue books, or other fines assessed by the library. Book replacement charges are not included, see account code 06908 - Library Book Replacement Income.

(06207) Gymsuit Service - Fines

Receipts from fines for gym suit service.

(06299) Fines - Other

Receipts from fines not otherwise classified.

(06300) Fees & Permits
(06301) Transcript Fee

Receipts from fees for transcripts, whether charged to student or non-student.

(06302) Testing Fees

Receipts from fees for tests conducted.

(06303) Laboratory Use Fees

Receipts from lab fees assessed.

(06308) Career Assessment - Non Student

Income from career assessment/evaluation services to non-students.

(06309) Placement Services - Non Student

Income from job placement services provided to non-students.

(06310) Gymsuit Service - Fac & Dependents

Gym Suit Service - Faculty and Dependents

(06311) Gymsuit Service - Student & Depend

Gym Suit Service - Students and Dependents

(06313) Locker Rental

Receipts from departmental locker rental charges.

(06315) Recreation Passes-Public

Receipts from recreational passes sold to the general public.

(06316) Recreation Passes-Fac & Staff

Receipts from recreational passes sold to staff and their family members.

(06317) Recreation Passes-Other

Receipts from recreational passes sold that do not fit in either 06315 or 06316.

(06320) Parking Fees -Students

Receipts collected for student parking permits and fees.

(06321) Parking Fees - Employees

Receipts collected for faculty/staff parking permits and fees.

(06322) Parking Fees - Faculty

Parking Permits - Faculty

(06323) Parking Fees - Miscellaneous

Receipts collected for miscellaneous parking charges.

(06324) Parking Rentals

Receipts from rental of parking facilities.

(06325) Meter Parking

Receipts from campus parking meters.

(06330) Bicycle Permits

Receipts collected for bicycle permits for the registration of bicycles on campus.

(06389) Memberships Income

Receipts from membership and dues paid to institutional organizations, societies and clubs.

(06398) Miscellaneous Fees

Revenue from fees collected that are not otherwise classified.

(06399) Miscellaneous Permits

Permit revenue collected that is not otherwise classified.

(06400) Events/Performances
(06401) Conference Housing Fee

Receipts from housing fees when collected as a separate part of conference registration fees.

(06402) Conference Special Events

Receipts from optional fees for special events provided as part of conference programs.

(06403) Conference Income

Income from hosting conferences.

(06404) Banquet Income

Income from providing catering services.

(06410) Workshops Noncredit Income

Income from hosting non-credit workshops or training sessions. See account code 01703 - Conferences & Short Course fees, for university credit workshops.

(06415) Camp & Clinic Income

Income generated from clinics and summer camps

(06416) Camp & Clinic Discounts

Contra account to 06415 Camp & Clinic Income for discounts provided for clinics and summer camps

(06420) Concession Income

Income from event/sport concession stand sales.

(06421) Entry Fee - Competitors

Income received for entry or registration fees required of participants for competitive events. The fee may be for individuals or a team.

(06431) Ticket Sales - Senior Citizens

Revenue from sales of tickets to senior citizens.

(06432) Ticket Sales- General Admission

Revenue from sales of tickets for general admission.

(06433) Ticket Sales- General Season

Revenue from sales of season tickets for general admission.

(06434) Ticket Sales- Reserved Seat

Revenue from sales of tickets for reserved seats.

(06435) Gate Receipts

Revenue from sales of tickets at the gate.

(06436) Ticket Sales - Faculty Season

Revenue from sales of season tickets to faculty (NCAA reporting requirement).

(06437) Ticket Sales - Student

Revenue from sales of tickets to students (NCAA reporting requirement).

(06438) User Surcharge

Surcharge for events using institution's facilities.

(06439) Ticket Sales as Agent

Income received from ticket sales sold as a contract ticket agent for a company such as Ticket Master.

(06471) Guarantees

Revenue received for appearances when a specified amount is guaranteed.

(06472) Radio

Income received for radio rights to broadcast institution events.

(06473) Television

Income received for television rights to broadcast institution events.

(06474) Program Sales

Income received from sale of event programs.

(06475) Paid Appearances

Income received from media appearances by institutional staff/officials. Includes coaches television and radio shows.

(06480) Rose Bowl Income

PAC 10 institution share of Rose Bowl income distribution.

(06481) Other Bowl Income

Income received for athletic bowl games other than the Rose Bowl.

(06482) Media Rights-TV Share

Institutional share of TV income for national broadcasts of athletic events paid directly to an athletic conference (e.g. NCAA).

(06483) NCAA Basketball Shares
(06485) Media Rights-Pac12 Network

Institutional share of Media Rights for income received by Pac12 Networks for broadcasting/streaming athletic events.

(06495) Sponsorship Income

Revenue to support or sponsor events, materials, or activities.

(06499) Other Event Income

Income from events not otherwise classified.

(06700) Rental/Housing/Food Service
(06701) Housing Application Fee

Fee required when a student requests space in the dormitory or housing system. The fee is non-refundable.

(06702) Room & Board Fee

Income from charges for housing and meal plans when charged together.

(06703) Dormitory Income Other

Income from dormitory charges not otherwise classified.

(06711) Family Housing - Rental

Income from rental of institution owned family housing units.

(06712) Family Housing - Utilities

Income from utilities charges on rented family housing units.

(06721) Rental Housing - Faculty

Income from institution owned housing rented to faculty or staff.

(06722) Casual Guest Income

Income from housing rentals to casual guests (i.e. speakers, visitors, etc.).

(06723) Rental Income/Facilities Use

Income from rental of other institutional facilities.

(06724) Rental Income/Facilities Staff

Income from staffing of rented facilities. This account code should be used in conjunction with 06723 when staff is provided with the facility.

(06727) Lease Income

Income from lease of other institutional facilities or equipment.

(06730) Meals-Payroll Deduction

Income from meal plans purchased through a payroll deduction.

(06731) Dining Card Sales

Income from sales of dining cards.

(06732) Board Only Fee

Income from charges for board only.

(06739) Misc Meal Plan Income

Miscellaneous Meal Plan Income

(06790) Housing Refunds

Negative revenue account to record reduction in revenue when housing charges are refunded.

(06798) Other Housing Income

Income from housing charges not otherwise classified.

(06799) Housing Income Remissions
(06800) Other Sales & Services
(06901) Miscellaneous Sales & Svc Income

Receipts from sales and service activities not otherwise classified.

(06906) Student Damages

Income from fees charged to students for damage to OUS owned property.

(06908) Library Book Replace Income

Income from library lost item replacement charges. For general library fines or overdue book charges, see account code 06206 - Library Fines.